Tracey Cole

Tracey Cole

Xeriscape your Garden.

Xeriscaping, or water-wise landscaping, is a method of gardening by creating a garden that requires minimal watering, using suitable planting, ideal for drought conditions.

For easy maintenance, Xeriscaping  needs careful planning, defining areas for pathways and seating. Using large boulders and a lot of stone, rocks and gravel will lessen the planting required.
Remove any grassed areas as a lawn is high maintenance and thirsty.
The ideal soil in a water-wise landscape is free-draining and this is achieved by increasing the amount of organic material in your soil and keeping it well aerated. For best results, select indigenous, drought-tolerant plants. Trees help to reduce evaporation by blocking wind and shading the soil.

To retain soil moisture and suppress weeds cover the surface around plants with a deep mulch, such as leaves, coarse compost, wood chips, bark or gravel, making sure there are no areas of bare soil.

Water conservation is the goal so drip irrigation systems, or soaker hoses are the easiest and most efficient form of watering for xeriscape as they deliver water directly to the base of the plant slowly, which encourages root absorption.
The Karoo Rhigozum is a tree that requires no irrigation and has wonderful sunshine yellow flowers.

Spekboom is a very useful, trouble-free water-wise shrub
Wild Rosemary is covered in white flower.
The Quiver tree is loved by sugarbirds and sunbirds in the winter, attracted by its yellow flowers.


Dikvoet is a wonderful addition with its gorgeous pink flowers.
Stapeliads, Cotyledous, Aloe species, Euphorbias, Lambs Ears, Lavender and grey Santolina are all ideal, hardy plants for a xeriscape landscape garden.

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Many varieties of Grasses also require minimal watering, softening the ‘hard’ landscape and work well with other plants. Xeriscape landscaping creates a stunning garden that is water-wise, low maintenance and encourages wildlife.

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We are now running out of water… our dams are low and our rainfall is getting less and less. We need to face reality, we have to cherish water and in doing so having a water wise garden will benefit us all tremendously.

We at Village Gardens can source plants and plan a stunning water wise garden for you. In fact we love the idea of water wise. These gardens are local, hardy, save water, bring in the local birds, bees and nature and will save you money on your water bill! BONUS

Not all water wise plants are ugly, and they attract our birds and bees

Village Gardens can assist with :

Sourcing the bestest hardiest waterwise plants.
Site preparation.
Full plant explanation with pictures.
Qualified staff and supervisor.
Passion for water saving plants and great advice.
Removal of all unwanted green waste.

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