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Tracey Cole

What to prune this WINTER in Cape Town?

Pruning in Winter in Cape Town :

Pruning is essential for healthy growth as it encourages shrubs to produce more blossoms.

Make sure your garden shears, secateurs or saws are sharp and well-oiled, and if you don’t yet have these, you will find a wide selection in the Garden Centre at your local Builders. Some gardeners are often put off pruning because they don’t understand why it’s necessary and how it’s done. Once you understand that pruning allows you to shape and strengthen shrubs and trees, you’ll be keen to perform this task on an annual basis. Winter is the best time for pruning as most plants are dormant and there is less chance of infection on the cut ends.Cape Town

Citrus trees: These trees don’t require much pruning. Cut out dead and diseased branches and thin out if necessary. Check underneath the leaves for aphids, check if you have ants on the tree there’s a high chance you have aphids.

Deciduous trees: Leave until end July when they are at their most dormant. Remove dead or diseased branches first. Open up the centre of fruit trees to let in light to ripen fruit. Take care not to cut too close to growing buds or to damage the plump fruit buds, rule of thumb cut above a bud/node about a centimetre. Seal large cuts and spray with lime sulphur afterwards to stop disease from getting into the open wounds.

Hedges: You need to just trim and shape after they have flowered.

blankRoses: Don’t prune early bloomers such as banksia roses and dog roses until after they have flowered in October. Burn all diseased and pest-infected prunings. Most roses can be pruned in winter, don’t be afraid to prune them back and make sure you take off any branches that are growing inwards and all branches that are cutting into other ones. Feed roses with some Kraal after, making sure the Kraal does not touch the trunk.

Shrubs: In July, trim summer and autumn flowering shrubs such as solanum, duranta, hibiscus, abelia, barleria, ribbon bush, sagewood, hydrangeas and tecoma.

Climbers: Cut back long lateral branches of granadillas to 60cm to promote new growth and fruiting. Other climbers like jasmine and plumbego make sure they have something to climb onto, prune any dead branches on them.

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