Tracey Cole

Tracey Cole

Vertical Gardening!

When space is limited, the only way is up!

Not all of us are lucky enough to have plenty of outside space to plant any vegetables or flowering plants. Vertical gardening is the ultimate space-saver for compact areas, providing maximum impact in a minimal space. 

Covering walls with year-round interest calls for a range of climbing plants, but there are so many other ways to provide colour and interest to your walls and fences. On a larger scale a Living Wall covers the entire wall in plants, with either herbs and vegetables, flowering plants or a mixture of both.

If you have a landlord always make sure you have his permission before launching yourself into any vertical adventures!

Creepers, like Boston Ivy, Tickey Creeper and Virginia Creeper are all self clinging so won’t need any help climbing. However, be aware these climbers can scale buildings very quickly so will need regular ‘trims’ to keep under control! Clematis or Jasmine are another option.

Spare guttering fixed to wall brackets is an affordable and effective ‘plant holder’, alternatively, ready-made fabric wall planters are available in various sizes and look amazing when planted up with colourful plants or herbs. Containers can be hung on wall-mounted trellis. Water is important so moisture mats in each pot will retain moisture, or devise a drip irrigation system. Plants will also need feeding regularily with a liquid fertiliser.

Ideal vegetables to grow are Trailing tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, and radishes. Strawberries are a delicious fruit to grow in a vertical garden. For herbs try Parsley, Thyme, Oregano, Rocket, Mint and Coriander.
For colour go for Nasturtium (also edible!), Ivy-leaf Perlargolium, Ajuga reptans, Eugeron Karvinskianus, Gazania rigens, Lamium maculatum (roseum), and succulents. In a shady area Ferns, Wild sage, Speckled spurflower, Ivy-leaf perlargolium, Convolvus, Trailing ivy and Inpatiens.

The sky’s the limit with vertical gardening! Enjoy the adventure!

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We at village gardens have a knowledge of all of your local edible plants here in South Africa. We can happily plant up your garden with edibles of all varieties from Mediterranean herbs and local indigenous edibles. We are surrounded by such stunning hardy indigenous plants, let’s get back to nature and have our own garden of local goodness.

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