Tracey Cole

Tracey Cole

Sow vegetable seeds for a Summer crop

October is the right time to get your chosen veggie seeds started for delicious crops this Summer.

In containers, raised beds or in the ground always remember, whichever spot you choose, to make sure the soil is well prepared before any planting and that the position is suitable. Sunlight is best for healthy growth, and obviously vegetables will need water. Before planting, dig over the soil and mix in some compost, allowing it to rest for a couple of days. 

This will help the soil to absorb more nutrients and water, encouraging healthy, tasty vegetables. When seedlings are big enough to handle, thin them out to provide space for for the plant to develop.
Leeks are compact growing veg for a small space, and seeds can be sown thinly in rows.


Beetroot seeds are easier to space along rows as they are larger than most seeds. They will germinate well and you can use them all 

Summer from baby beets to mature plants. You can even use the seedlings, when thinned, as a tasty addition to salads!

Bush beans, Eggplant and Summer cabbage are all compact and ideal for smaller spaces.
If you’re growing vegetables in containers the cherry tomato (Sweety) is perfect, as are Chillies, Peppers and Eggplant. 

Other plants like Peas and Beans can be trained up supports and, as an extra bonus, the flowers look lovely.

For salad veg Lettuce can be sown now, and it’s worth noting that lettuce will go to seed very quickly so needs some dappled shade out of the full afternoon sun. Varieties include Lollo Rosso and Lollo Biondo so you can pick individual leaves as you need them. Spinach, Cucumber and Radishes can also be started from seed now.

By starting your crops now you will be ready for a bountiful Summer!

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