Tracey Cole

Tracey Cole

Time to plant Spring-flowering bulbs!

Start planning now for an amazing display of blooms next Spring! Autumn is the perfect time to plant some Spring-flowering bulbs so they’ll have time to develop roots and establish themselves before the Winter season.
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They can be planted once the soil has cooled as they won’t thrive in heat. Bulbs can be planted in containers on the patio or into the borders, and when planting them always check the depth required for different varieties.

Bulbs planted in groups will produce the best effect, and remember to mark where you have put the bulbs to avoid digging them up accidentally! They will need some watering to ensure the bulb has enough moisture to put out its root system.

Container planted bulbs should ideally be in a semi-shaded position, to avoid drying out too quickly..

Make sure the soil is dug over and aerated before planting any bulbs, then add some compost and fertiliser, allowing at least a week for the fertiliser to be absorbed before planting out.


There are some gorgeous indigenous Spring-flowering bulbs available, such as Freesia, Sparaxis ( harlequin flower), Babiana (baboon flower), Ixia (African corn Lily), Tritonia, Ornithogalum and Lachenalia (Cape cowslip) which will all make a colourful display.

Anemones (wind flowers) are either double-flowering (st. Brigid) or single flowers ( De Caen). Colours are white, pink, purple and red, and they are ideal bulbs for containers.

The ever popular Daffodil/narcissus will look lovely whether planted in a container or borders.
Dutch Iris is very easy to grow with dramatic, eye-catching colours of deep blue, yellow and purple.

Allow the green growth to die back naturally so the energy goes back into the bulb, ready for next year’s flowering.

Planning ahead now will be worth it next Spring when your garden comes alive with colour!


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