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Tracey Cole

Tracey Cole

Time to plant up your spring garden

Village Gardens can assist with garden design and planning.

We are specialist when it comes to seasonal gardening in and around Cape Town. 

We always strive to keep gardens water wise.

Spring is the perfect time to fill your garden with new plants, and the choice is endless!


Popular shrubs to look out for your spring garden are Weigela, covered in pink and red blooms, while Deutzias have pretty off-white flowers tinged with pink. Brunfelsia, and the white flowers of Philadelphus coronainus are ideal for evening scent. Also Wild Pomegranate (Burchellia bubaline) has glossy leaves and clusters of bright orange flowers, loved by sunbirds. Abelia Grandiflora has arching stems, with variegated or plain evergreen leaves and tiny bell-like flowers. Kingfisher Daisy is a small shrub with blue daisy-like flowers throughout the year and is ideal for mass planting. Mexican Orange Blossom,(Choisya) has glossy evergreen leaves and scented white flowers in the spring. Poly gala Fruiticosa is a small rounded shrub that has purple/pink flowers in the summer, much loved by bees and butterflies, as is the ever popular Buddlia. For eye- catching shrubs, how about the Vibernum Opulus (Snowball Bush) with its prolific white clusters of white flowers or the colourful orange and the yellow pincushion flowers of Leucospermum that will soon attract sunbirds, along with the orange/red flowers of Greyia Sutherlandii. The coral, orange and scarlet flowers of Erythrinas will add spectacle to any garden. A shrub that enjoys the shade is the Mackaya Bella, with dark green leaves and dainty white- striped mauve bell flowers.

Wild wisteria

Whatever the size of your garden, a tree will add height and shade, and, again, there is quite a choice! One of the prettiest of spring-flowering trees is the Wild Wisteria ( Bolusanthus speciousus), with a height of 5m, with brown/black bark and mauve, wisteria-like, trusses. The Boerbean ( Schotia brachypetala), is an attractive tree, growing to 7m, that sheds its leaves in late winter before cup-shaped red flowers appear in the spring to provide a feast for nectar- feeding birds. Fruit trees like Cherry, Peach, Pear and Apple will be in blossom and you could underplant a blossom tree with Azaleas ((Ghent or Mollis).

Because of their versatility, perennials can be grown in mixed borders as fillers or in containers, even alongside water features. Most love a sunny position. Hellebores, Lenten rose, delphiniums, bearded iris, penstemon, scabious, aquilegia, gerbera, gazania, blue marguerite and, of course, clivia, which does’nt mind shade. Climbers, left to ramble over walls, trellis and pergolas, will add interest and height to your spring garden. Solanum Jasminoides has small dainty light blue or white flowers from spring to late autumn and smells gorgeous! Sweet peas (Lathrymus Odoratis), are a scented annual with the added bonus that the more flowers you pick, more will flower! Clematis is a spectacular climber with beautiful flowers. They tend to fare better in South Africa if started out in pots, before being transferred to the garden. They like their roots in the shade and their heads in the sun. Climbing roses can be very fragrant, try Nahema, Blossom time and Wedding garland.
Now you can enjoy your colourful, amazing spring garden!

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