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Making organic compost

Making organic compost for your veggie garden.

The best way to convert kitchen waste into a powerful organic feed for your veggie garden is to farm earthworms, called vermiculture.
Starting a worm farm will provide you with a nutrient-rich fertiliser for free! You can either buy a ready-made worm farm or make one with any container, with holes for aeration and preferably a tap, or drip opening to drain the worm ‘wee’.

Garden worms won’t survive in a wormery, so you will need to buy the suitable worms from a vermiculture specialist who will advise you on how to set up your earthworm farm.
Keep your wormery in an area shaded in the hottest part of the day.
Feed the worms on veggie peelings, egg shells, used tea bags and coffee grounds, shredded paper, pesticide-free leaves and bread. Don’t use dairy products, citrus, onions, meat or ashes.

Be patient, and in 1 – 3 months the earthworm compost is ready to use. Spread as a much around your vegetables, remembering vermicompost is a concentrated fertiliser, so you won’t need so much! Dilute worm ‘wee’ with water and spray on leaves as a tonic.

Now you can look forward to eating delicious, healthy organic home-grown vegetables. Happy days!

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