Let us talk about Grey water
Tracey Cole

Tracey Cole

Let us talk Grey Water

Let us talk Grey Water

There is no getting around the fact that at some point the Western Cape drought will lead to us having strict water restrictions and penalties. Not only the penalties the fact is Western Cape is moving into a new era of water restrictions and we must all play our part with saving every drop of this vitally important resource we have. However, this is not to say there’s nothing we can do about it. Collecting rain water is an amazing place to start but today we’ll be discussing an innovative way that people are still not completely comfortable with or maybe have some concerns about it: Grey Water.

What is Grey Water

Grey water is water that has been collected from your washing machines, kitchen and bathroom sinks, showers and baths. This water is considered poisonous to lakes and rivers but before we turn our attentions away you should know that it is perfectly safe to utilize on all forms of plants, this being ornamental plants, fruit trees, edible vegetables and yes it is perfectly safe to let that water trickle into you indigenous gardens. The best way for you to get this water to your garden is through installing grey water irrigation systems and a point to take home is that the simpler the irrigation system the better. They simplest system to install is a gravity irrigation water systems.

Benefits of Using Grey water systems

The first point we must stress is that this system allows one to save water. By installing a grey water system you help reduce the usage of borehole water and portable water which at this point of the drought is highly critical. By saving water you are also saving money. And as mentioned before, this water can be used on all your plants. One of the most amazing benefits of grey water is that you are allowing a ground water recharge to occur, connecting you to a small water cycle right in your back yard. Now doesn’t the thought of letting all this valuable water go to waste terrify you?


 Things to keep in mind when using grey water

  • Refrain from using water that has come in contact with feces. This is highly harmful not only to the plants but you included.
  • Try to minimize you physical contact with the water.
  • Only utilize sink water from the kitchen that does not contain fat content.
  • Do not store grey water as it will produce an undesirable scent.
  • Do not allow the water to remain afloat on the ground; it needs to be instantly infiltrated into the soil.
  • Try by all means to use earth friendly products.
  • Do not allow the water to come into contact with the parts of the plant that you will be consuming.

Tips and tricks to growing a successful edible landscape during a drought

Edible gardening with Grey water

Edible gardening my favorite topic. I get asked literally every day, can I use my grey water on my edibles. YES YES YES is my answer. This is the best advice I can give. Ok so where the edible part of your edible plant is above ground and is eaten raw the grey water MUST NOT come into contact with the edible parts. You need to get the water to the root of the plant rather than on the leaves, or on the fruit. But I think people with half a brain can realize this. Now if you are growing root edibles then you water the same way as I have just mentioned into the soil. However this time when you harvest your edible you make sure you wash it. Even when you cook your root edible you will be fine to eat it.

So, all in all  lets grow our edibles and save our water at the same time, no excuses.

For any further enquiries or if you’d like your grey water installed, contact us at village gardens.

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