Tracey Cole

Tracey Cole

Grow a lush, green lawn in your garden!

Although hard landscaping is more practical for long, hot Summers, nothing beats the look of a lush, inviting green lawn, showing off colourful borders to perfection! The obvious choice is to plant drought-tolerant grass, which will survive in dry conditions and need minimal water. There are several varieties available, but good ground preparation is very important before planting.

Clay soil will need weeding first, then the ground lightly dug over, levelled if needed. Some compost mixed with loam will allow good drainage while retaining some water.
As sandy soil drains very quickly any grass planted will need frequent watering to survive.

Choose warm season variety of grass as cool season types have a shorter root system and will require a lot of watering in order to thrive.

Warm season varieties include the Cynodon species which is indigenous, drought-tolerant and low maintenance.

LM grass is also indigenous and a hardy, reliable grass for drought conditions. It can also handle some shade.

Kikuyu is a popular warm season grass, easy to establish and maintain.

Buffalo lawn thrives in full sun and needs minimal watering.

A grass that will tolerate sun or shade is Zoysia grass, again needing little maintenance, either with mowing or watering.

When cutting grass, it’s better not to cut it too short when mowing, 4-6cm for Kikuyu grass, 3-4cm for Cynodon varieties and approx 5-7cm for LM grass.

A good watering, once established, each week in the early morning, will encourage a deeper root system allowing the grass to find nutrients.

Established lawns can be raked lightly to remove any dead grass, and aerated in Spring or Autumn by pushing a garden fork into the soil after watering.

Sprinkle a good garden fertiliser over the lawn every three months during the growing season. Warm season grass is dormant during the Winter so doesn’t need any feeding.

Remember, grass can die back in Winter, but you can look forward to its return in Spring!

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We do supply and installations of lawns…. 

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