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In this stunning country of ours gardens unfortunately suffer in the summer…. We are now running out of water… our dams are low and our rainfall is getting less and less. We need to face reality, we have to cherish water and in doing so having a water wise garden will benefit us all tremendously. We at Village Gardens can source plants and plan a stunning water wise garden for you. In fact we love the idea of water wise. These gardens are local, hardy, save water, bring in the local birds, bees and nature and will save you money on your water bill! BONUS

Not all water wise plants are ugly, and they attract our birds and bees

  • Sourcing the bestest hardiest waterwise plants
  • Site preparation
  • Full plant explanation with pictures
  • Qualified staff and supervisor
  • Passion for water saving plants and great advise
  • Removal of all unwanted green waste
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