Japanese blood grass
Tracey Cole

Tracey Cole

Gorgeous grasses! And February Competition

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Gorgeous grasses!

Ornamental grasses are an elegant, low-maintenance addition to the garden, and becoming very popular as they are so versatile. Swaying and rippling in the breeze they bring borders to life.

Grasses come in a wide range of sizes and forms so are well suited to any garden style, formal, natural, contemporary or cottage. 

They also contrast well with other foliage in the border. Tall, slender grasses look stunning with hollyhocks, penstemon and red hot pokers. 

Briza maxima

There are coloured varieties such as Zebra grass ( Miscanthus Sinensis ‘ zebranis), variegated Carex, Ophiopogon and white striped oat grass (Amethencetherum elatus bulbosum). Japanese blood grass, Imperata cylindricon ‘rubra’ and Melinus repens all have red leaves.

Ornamental grasses are extremely attractive to butterflies, who use them as host plants for their larvae, and birds use the fluffy tassels and leaf blades for their nests. Seed-eating birds love the seed produced by the grasses at the end of the season. Small seed-producing grasses are Eragrostis capensis and Briza maxima.

Grasses look amazing when grouped together in pots and low-growing grasses, such as blue and green Fescue, provide an easily maintained edging for borders. The tall variegated Miscanthus sinensis ‘cabaret’, or the indigenous Thamnochortus insignis make a superb informal division or screen in a garden.

For a large area, any Carex species of grass, and grey Festuca or Mondo grass, will soften the edges of pavers. If you want colour try Black mondo grass (Ophiopogon planiscapis ‘nigrencens’, Carex China blue and Bronze curls.

Grasses are either annual or perennial, grow in large clumps or have running rhizomes, which can spread rapidly! 

Large clumps can be cut down in spring and easily divided to be replanted in other areas of the garden.

Give grasses a go, you won’t regret it!

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