Tracey Cole

Tracey Cole

Tackle garden pests now!

Spring is here and new seedlings are emerging, shoots are sprouting and flowers opening. An ‘all-you-can-eat’ buffet time in your garden, so now the time to get to grips with those little critters before they take over!

It is, however, important to strike a balance, as some nuisance pests to us provide food to many other beneficial insects. Also, try to avoid using pesticides, as there is usually a natural method to controlling garden pests. 

By regularly checking around your garden for unwelcome visitors, under leaves and around new shoots, you will keep on top of any problems. The scent of Wormwood leaves is also a deterrent to most insects.


Small infestations of aphids can be cleared by either wiping or squishing them with your fingers, and a strong jet of water will keep them in check. 

A spray bottle containing water and a squeeze of washing up liquid also works well.

Red Spider Mite spins a web under leaves and sucks the plant juices. Spray the bottom of the leaves with water to clear them.


Snails are public enemy no.1 for gardeners so fit cardboard collars, cut from toilet roll inners, around snail-prone plants like lettuce and any young seedlings. Protect Hostas with copper tape or scrunched-up scouring pads.

 Snails also dislike crossing crushed egg shells spread around vulnerable plants. Beer traps, containing beer, lager or even wine, will lure snails to a final but ‘happy’ end!
Aphids seem to appear from nowhere, and can quickly tackle young leaves and shoots as they emerge. 


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