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Tracey Cole

Tracey Cole

Creating a coastal garden

Gardens situated near the coast need to have some tough plants to survive wind and salt spray. Fortunately, there are plants available which cope well with these conditions. The type of plant that will survive in a coastal garden generally has tough, leathery leaves, or tiny needle-like foliage.

By providing a natural windbreak you will be able to widen the range of plants that will thrive. The indigenous shrub, Crowberry (Sersia crenata), will quickly grow to 2m and creates an attractive, easy-to-maintain windbreak. 

Fynbos works well, also Spekbom ( Portulacaria afra), Blombos (Metalasia muricata), and Dune Salvia (Salvia africa-luten) are all ideal protection against the wind. 

Also worth considering for a natural windbreak is the Wild Camphor bush (Tarchonanthus camphoratus), with its leathery foliage and creamy white sprays of blooms, which die off to leave cotton-wool like seed heads used as nesting material by the birds. This plant can be grown as a tree or clipped into a hedge. It’s better to plant more mature varieties of shrub for a windbreak as they will provide almost instant shelter for the garden.

The False Olive ( Buddleja Saligna), Waterberry (Syzygium cordatum), and the Crane flower (Strelitzia reginae) are hardy, indigenous plants, ideal for a coastal setting.

Conebush (leucadendron levisanus), Confettie bush (Coleonema calycium), Proteus, and Pincushions (Leucosparmum) will also cope with the elements.

Other plants that will bring colour to the garden are the trailing Gazania (Gazania rigens), Osteopermums, Pig’s Ears (Cotyledon orbiculata), Lavender, Rosemary and Perlargoniums.

Trees that will be happy in a coastal garden are the Wild Olive (Olea europaea africana), the Coast Silver Oak (Brachylaena discolour) and the Salt and Pepper tree (Myoporum laetum) will all withstand the wind.

Plenty of good compost dug into the soil, and a layer of mulch will help moisture retention.

Village Gardens can assist with all your coastal garden landscaping requirements.

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We at village gardens have a knowledge of all of your local edible plants here in South Africa. We can happily plant up your garden with edibles of all varieties from Mediterranean herbs and local indigenous edibles. We are surrounded by such stunning hardy indigenous plants, let’s get back to nature and have our own garden of local goodness.

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