Tracey Cole

Tracey Cole

Pots of crops for Autumn and winter. By Village Gardens – Landscaping Company

The cooler days of autumn in April and May is a great time to get planting some container veggies! Sun is always an essential in growing vegetables, but some shade can be tolerated by autumn/winter crops.

You can use conventional pots or try different types, such as old buckets, old wheelbarrows and even plastic tubs from supermarkets, which are ideal for shallow-rooted veg. Deep containers are needed for carrots. Make sure any containers you use have drainage holes.
Garden soil isn’t suitable for container veggies as it can become compacted and doesn’t drain well enough.

 A good mix for growing veg in pots is one bucket of well-rotted compost, one and half buckets good quality potting soil and half a bucket of vermiculite to improve water retention. Add some slow-release organic fertiliser.

If you choose to plant seedlings, spinach, Swiss chard, Pak choi and radishes will all be available. Alternatively seeds, which is the cheaper option, will germinate quickly and give you more choice. Always follow instructions on the packet!
Carrots – Cape market and Scarlet Nantes are cool-season varieties great for planting now in a deep container. They need to be planted 3-5cm apart.

Spinach loves a cooler autumn to grow well and if you sow seeds they should germinate in about 5 to 9 days. Successive sowings will ensure a continuous supply.
Snap peas, staked so they have something to climb up, are among the easiest veg to grow in winter. 

Keep the seeds moist in the container to encourage germination. Pick regularity once pods are produced, as this will result in more cropping.

Chillies are sun-lovers that will thrive on a sunny deck.
Salad leaves – Sprinkle seeds on the surface of the compost in your container and cover with 1cm of compost. 

Keep moist. They will grow happily in shallow pots and some shade will help conserve moisture.

By Village Gardens – Landscaping Company

You’ll have delicious home-grown vegetables to enjoy for months!

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