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10 Top Gardening tips

Gardening Tips : While it’s lovely to just relax in your garden during the summer there are always a few jobs to do to keep it looking beautiful!

Gardening Tip #1

Keep hoeing around plants and vegetable crops to control weeds and create a ‘dust mulch’ to conserve precious moisture. Also check under leaves of veggies and perennials for bugs like snails and aphids. They can appear overnight and cause a lot of damage!

Gardening Tip #2

Encourage wildlife by planting Rudbekia, Lavender, Rosemary, Calendula, Scabiosa, Buddlia, Salvias, Verbena, Cosmos, Pulmonaria, Borage and Thyme to welcome bees and butterflies. You could also make a bug hotel by tying short lengths of cane together to hang in a shady corner. This will encourage solitary bumble bees, ladybirds and lacewings.

Gardening Tip #3

Make sure you keep sowing seeds for a continuous supply of salad crops.

Gardening Tip #4

If you have a lawn, mow it and spread the grass clippings around your plants as a mulch, or put on the compost heap

Gardening Tip #5

Do any watering early morning or late evening to avoid evaporation, using a watering can if possible in order to direct water to the plant roots.

Gardening Tip #6

Feed container plants and hanging baskets with a liquid fertiliser.

Gardening Tip #7

Pinch out the tops of tomato plants to prevent them growing too tall, and also chilli plants to make them bushier.

Gardening Tip #8

Prune spring-flowering shrubs. These woody plants will benefit from some TLC now. As soon as they have finished flowering cut back stems with dead flowers. The shrubs will come back healthier with more flowers next year!

Gardening Tip #9

Mulch beds using your own home-made mulch or bark clippings to retain as much moisture as possible.

Gardening Tip #10

 Keep deadheading perennials and cut back dead stems.

Love every minute you spend in your garden. Gardening keeps you fit, helps you enjoy nature, and delicious crops. Above all, it provides so much pleasure!

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