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Controlling Dust in a Soft landscape

Controlling Dust in a Soft landscape:… and consider nature

The drought and now the dust,. dust being blown into your home, into your face, actually it goes everywhere…, it’s just like being on a beach constantly!! Controlling dust – It seems the consensus of opinion is to gravel… Gravel does come in different shapes, sizes and colours. It can be an attractive addition to a landscape. However an over kill of the ‘G’ word can compromise the overall aesthetic appeal of landscape garden by hardening it in appearance. PLUS, something close to my heart. Gravel is NOT nature friendly, we can have both … Gravel is best used in smaller areas. And not considerably the best way to keep dust down as one will always find dust tends to find its way through gravel. So, use moderately and plus gravel is quite pricey and birds don’t like it!

Things to consider when dealing with a dusty landscape:

  • Do you have a layer of topsoil: The biggest culprit in this issue is “what is your soil type”? Before starting of any solutions, first conduct a test to see whether you even own topsoil. Because without topsoil, all one really has is a hardened top layer with no nutrients, air or water to give it density giving your dusty landscape effect.
  • How does the base of your landscape look? A proper base to landscape is a properly compacted soil before any further on top activity can occur. Regardless of whether it is hard or soft landscaping.
  • Compacted soil: What you need is to introduce air and water back into your soil. This amendment can be made with core aerators, and once you introduce material such as bark and compost at appropriate seasons, one can slowly begin introducing nutrients back into the soil to. Look it doesn’t happen overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day. just be patient.
  • Consider introducing low growing plants: There are tons of ground covers that are perfect for stabilizing soil. And there’s plenty to choose from that can handle poor soil conditions. And if like most during the drought-like conditions we are experiencing are hoping to avoid lawn as it consumes a lot of water, consider having a look at our previous blog that can help you find a high traffic area solution that also suppresses dust as an alternative to lawn. LAWN MUST FALL
  • Hard landscaping options: Paving is another excellent solution to help keep dust under control, what makes it even more amazing is that you could have it installed in such a way that it doesn’t impede water seeping through to replenish the soil underground.
  • Landscape decks: These could be a perfect addition not only to control your dust problem, but to also add an aesthetic appeal when perfectly designed for you landscape. This is a slightly more costly route, however the overhaul appeal makes it worth it.

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