Dear Tracey, not quite what I expected but certainly much more than I hoped for. I had no idea that you and your folk could achieve such a transformation. I watched Debbie and her team from beginning to end; in fact I was probably quite a nuisance asking endless questions and very likely getting in the way. But clearly everyone knew what needed to be done and how it was all to be done. And my word it WAS done! Passing neighbours stopped or paused to look and admire and now I have a home that is the envy of all in the area. I am so glad that I responded to your advert. Thank you so very much. Warm regards, Peter


I am loving my garden thank you so much

RaziaSilver Tree Estate

Hi Tracey & Karin, Firstly, thank you for an awesome garden! You girls rock! You ladies are amongst the few that deliver what you promise and it has been a pleasure dealing with you. I look forward to consulting with you through the seasons as we learn to manage our edible garden.

Derek and ZelnaDurbanville

Hey Tracey! The garden is coming along so well. The veggies are all thriving and the granadilla is growing so fast, and everything else is looking healthy! I've been munching the lettuces and basil and it's so delicious.


Love what you have done with my garden, perfect and loved the personal touch when you planted cat nip for my furry children, so thoughtful!

BrunaRoyal Ascot

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what could be done to extend / expand the amazing work already done. Hope you have a great weekend, and thanks for turning our sandpit into something I love to look at.

Lyndon and NeilBergvliet

I must have just missed you by the time got back you had gone .. however Im pleased with the work you did. thank you


Thanks again for you girls doing our garden, we are so very pleased with it.

Mari and HenryHout Bay

Love my waterwise garden sssooooooo much, thanks

Cindi & NikiWelcome Glen

Hi Tracey, Just to let you know my garden is looking stunning, even the languishing ice cream bush in the front is looking much better. Thank you


Tracey and her team transformed our tiny little dirt patch into the most magical garden space. It is water wise using the right plants for the sun and rain availability but also indigenous plants and is aesthetically beautiful. The design is very modern and rustic which we love. I even have some herbs and veggies outside my kitchen door with the most beautiful smells from the various flowers wafting into the windows from all sides. I can't wait for the bees and birds to move in. Thank you so much Tracey and Debbie. I could not recommend you highly enough.

Roben MitriBergvliet Cape Town

You guys are really wonderful....excellent service....awesome job....beautiful. My neighbours are surely happy too.


Hi , I am Yasmin, Mom of Rishka and Sammy. Heard lots of lovely things about you, Debbie and your team, from the girls. I am looking forward to seeing the garden this weekend, and happy for the well timed rain!


Tracey offers a great landscaping service, with a hands on approach to everything. Tracey followed my instructions with attention to detail. Flowers & plants selected are beautiful. My garden looks lovely.


I'm very pleased with the "new look" garden. They did a fantastic job and I'm looking forward to seeing the results in a few months' time when the re-located plants begin to have new growth.


This company comes highly recommended with excellent service and products, exceeding expectations - just out of this world!

Service Monkey Rating

Great stuff...or as you say...wicked. Thanks for your good service so far. Looking forward to seeing it.


Hi Tracey. Yes I'm very pleased with the "new look" garden and am looking forward to it growing well. I have taken some pictures that i will send you. Best wishes.

Craig, Constantia

Nice to hear from you. I am loving my garden!
I haven't seen you poke your head over the wall ☺ yet as you threatened you'd do....but everything is taking nicely. My neighbours love me now too! I just love watching how everything is developing in the garden.
Your service is just sooooo still follow up to see if all is ok (flip I'm getting quite emotional) hope you don't mind but I just have to give you a ?.
Hah...I did get that next Fair Lady and your gardening section is really well done. So congrats. I'm sure your business will grow ? just because of that too.
All the best.


Tracey has a lively approach to her work and conveys her passion for helping her clients achieve the most with their gardens. Her team will ensure that your garden looks its very best at all times of the year by pruning, trimming and even moving plants to better locations.


We have really loved the produce from our little winter garden – still eating lettuce from it – and I am starting to get some space for some more planting again.


Tracey and her team have just completed a garden makeover and have done an outstanding job. Thanks Tracey, will be recommending your services to all my friends!


Hi Tracey Thank you so much for the excellent job you did on my garden. I enjoyed having Debbie and George working here. They did a really good job. Thank you.

Eileen ChapmanRondebosch

I just had to say that you do amazing work. Beautify the world and try help the environment. I see you generally care, I will be using village gardens. Keep up the good work!

MarietjieCape Town

Thank you so much for the gorgeous, rustic herb planters. I am so thrilled with them and cannot wait to get my little herb garden going. I so appreciate you delivering them to my house.


I love the trees and am really glad I decided to take the 4th one. It fits beautifully. And Debbie was great. She was so helpful and gave useless me so much advice. And the 4 chaps were great too.

Barbara McMillan Durbanville

Hi Tracey
The garden looks great, thanks, very happy :).

Diana, Oranzhicht Cape Town

Thank you Tracey and team for a great job done


HI Tracey,
Many thanks for all your hard work, we are so very thrilled with our garden!


Hi Tracey,
Thank you sooooo much. We are thrilled with the garden.


Hi Tracey and Karin,
Six months into our garden and growing beautifully and doing so well, despite the drought...thought that you might appreciate. Loving our garden 🍃 🌾💚🌿🍃


Hello Tracey,
It's growing beautifully, everything has survived. Nothing looking forlorn or sad thanks to the bits of rain we have had...tree dropping leaves still and this Sunday the Gardener Steve will be spending the full day there cutting the grass, collecting leaves etc... it's looking really lovely and I've also finished with the painting of the anthracite walls in places and a few extra planted pots. You should pop in after Sunday to see if you haven't as yet:)


Thanks so much to your team for doing a great job and so many extras. Really appreciated.

KarinGlen Cairn

Hi Tracey,
I've just got home and went and had a look. By torch light it looks very nice thanks. What a huge difference compared with what was there before. I though I was in someone else's garden for a moment. Thanks very much for what you and your team have done.
The citrus trees in the pots have been transformed as well.

Bruce and ReneePinelands, September 2017

Hi Tracey,
Garden looks beautiful, really really happy, it looks super.
Thank you so much.

JulieCamps Bay

Hi Tracey. It looks amazing😊 So much more organized & neat . Now the house needs a paint to match the smart new looking pots😑

Debbie lakeside

I was so impressed by Tracey & her team! Having never used a landscaping company before I was nervous but from the first consultation the team were warm, friendly, understanding & professional.
What blew me away was the on-site team! Tracey, debbie, George & the team were onsite for a full week; professional, knowledgeable, respectful, polite, hard working, efficient & even stepped in to advise when they knew the choice I’d made was perhaps not the best for that area/shade/sun etc!
I don’t have a huge backyard but the change they made to my yard is from an area that I had grown to detest/unpleasant/desperate/tired of the space me loving sitting outside when I get home from work & being eager to use the garden & spend time in the garden! Chalk & cheese change in just 1 week!
They are also very conscious of our water crisis and everything new has been planned & planted with water restrictions in mind!
I can’t recommend their very personalized service more highly and look forward to their seasonal maintenance visits! Thank you

Becca, De BronNorthern Suberbs

Thanks Tracey, all good, and thanks for the revised price.
I’ll monitor the trees and keep you posted.
I haven’t been able to inspect the finished job yet, but will take a look in the morning.
Your team were a pleasure to have on site, for which we are very grateful.

Charles, Tokai

Hi Tracey and Debbie, Yes we are delighted and it's now up to us to keep it alive...Thanks so much!


Hi Tracey and staff: Thank you for your time, effort and advise on my new water wise garden. To say your service was brilliant is an understatement. You and your staffs passion comes through on just how you changed my garden. I will be recommending you to everyone I know. Thank you


It was a real pleasure having Debbie and the guys here. What I found important was the meeting of ideas. Lots of agreement. So thank you so very much.


The garden looks fantastic! Thank you very much 😊 It’s just what I was looking for - very happy! Thanks to the team as well. I know it can’t have been too easy with the access issues 😉

DougCape Town

The garden is spectacular!
Thank you so much to You, Debbie and your team. You are truly great gardeners.


So impressed with you, Debbie and the team - holes holes and more holes in the rockiest soil. So many people came to see what's going on and said they can already see how beautiful this garden is going to be. They worked so hard around the noise caused by the tree team. The gravel and rocks were delivered, the ground leveled, the holes dug and the plants look so absolutely beautiful. Debbie was there 24/7 - you guys are amazing and I'm recommending you to everyone I know. O yes and neighbours asked Debbie advice - her knowledge and yours is impressive! Thanks, you are not only professional but also lovely people. Thank you for making me tick off an item on my bucket list -at last I'm going to have a garden to feel proud of. We are already planning the next section of the garden


Hi Tracey. Thank you so much - your team were amazing and it was a pleasure to have everyone here last week. We love the garden and I will definitely spread the word about your fantastic services


Hi Tracey. Thank you for the deduction and also for doing a great job, we appreciate your personal input and care for our garden.

AndrewBishops Court

Dear Andrew and Village Gardens. Thank you for excellent job with my Irrigation, very happy.

Dr Marek Lukasiewicz

Thank you so much for enthusing me again, with your sunny, helpful efforts in my rather sad garden. I will be spreading the word and recommending you highly to all and sundry.
Many thanks, too, to Tendae, who made all the heavy work look so effortless. I have renamed my apple tree the “Tendae tree”…My garden is smiling already, in anticipation.Kindest regards – lovely to have met you.

Janet, Bergvliet

Hi Tracey, I think it looks magic what you achieved at Ranger Rd. Thanks so much. I will recommend you and your team any day !


Dear Tracey, thank you for your email and thanks for the wonderful service done by Debbie and two boys. The second part of the project can be done only next year. We will have builders in February. Let’s see how hot will be this summer before we plant yasmeen and other bushes around the swimming pool.

Irena and MarekTokai

It was really helpful to have Debbie teach me a number of things and help advise on what to do. She has given me ideas and I will look forward to slowly but surely developing the garden in the coming months. I kind of wish I could afford to have you come and do a makeover! But I shall have a go and see where we get to. She has certainly given me confidence to get out there and do it. I gather you and I might be alike in our like of lawns......we shall see how long this drought will allow me to keep mine.
Thank you for your input as village gardens.

Emma, Kenilworth

Loving the natural paving plus bark etc better for the pug and squirrels as well! Send my appreciation to Debbie and your team as well. Very happy 😊

Ineke, Kenilworth

Thanks again for bringing our garden back to life.

Ilze, CPD

Hi Tracey, We are very happy with the garden - thank you so much. You, Debbie, Andrew and the team were fantastic! Brendon, Tokai

Brendon, Tokai

Hello Tracey, The vege garden is growing beautifully and I’ve had lots of very good herbs, really delicious spinach and crispy lettuce, by the week, loving it thank you , Clare, tamboerskloof

Clare, Tamboerskloof

Thank you so much, it’s been a wonderful project and I love my new verge, thank you thank-you, peter, sun valley

Peter, Sunvalley

Hi Tracey, Thank you very, very much to the wonderful team, we are very happy with our garden after its “face lift” which It sorely needed after forty years and then the drought!.To Debbie, George and Neville plus Tensing who came on a few occasions, we appreciated that everyone pitched every day and carried out tasks without complaint, were cheerful and hardworking and very obliging when we changed our minds on occasion. We will miss you all and are most grateful for what you have created. Our garden should thrive as it has been such a pleasant experience dealing with this lovely group. Tracey and Debbie thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. We particularly appreciated that you recycled where you could and we saw how some of the decrepit plants blossomed under your care. I will miss you at coffee time , so Please pop in for coffee if you are in the vicinity. If possible, we would like to arrange for a seasonal maintenance visit sometime in September or October. Many thanks Tracey and your great team for everything,Kind regards,Tessa & Jeff

"Face lift" - Tessa & Jeff

Hi Tracey, I am really happy with the garden. Look forward to seeing it when it all starts growing, again thank you great service too. Regards Jennifer