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Keeping up With your Landscape During Autumn

A Short Guide to Keeping up With your Landscape During Autumn in Cape Town

A Short Guide to Keeping up With your Landscape During Autumn in Cape Town. Autumn is a time not like any other. This is one of the most beautiful times of the year when the atmosphere is beginning to cool down and you find rustic leaves lining up corners of Cape Town. Setting up a cosy mood for the up-coming winter season. Look I am English so I like saying you guys here have 4 seasons…. South Africans think they have 2 seasons … but nature works on 4 seasons.

7 tips for a thriving autumn garden in Cape Town.

  • Trim and cut back: Right before the harsh winter weather arrives, consider going in for some pruning in the garden. Please, consider cutting back your groundcovers that have flowered.
  • Pests: Pests will start to re-energise after the heat and start coming out… watch them, especially the snails and slugs with the damper weather in the evening.
  • Preparing for winter: Because we live in the Western Cape, preparing for winter is not necessarily as drastic as areas which experience frost, however what we should consider is what preparations we can take for our hetic Cape Town winds and heavy rains. Putting up screens to protect your Cape Town landscape is advisable, use hard shrubs or fencing.
  • Transplanting: If there are plants around your landscape that you’ve been meaning to move around, this would be the best time. This is to give your plants enough time to stabilize before the winter weather sets in.
  • Compost pile: This is undoubtedly the best to time to add on to your existing compost pile or just to start up one. The reason to this is that this is the time of year where organic waste material from plants is offered to us freely by .. our plants.
  • Perennials: if you have some clustered perennials around your garden, why not take this time to separate them and distribute them around your garden.
  • Lawn care: if you are one of the few Cape Townians holding on to their lawns, well this is your time to help maintain them. Soil compacts over time and aerating it now in Autumn will ensure that the surface of your lawns can drink up the water from our winter rains. This will improve the overhaul appearance of your lawns while avoiding water logged surfaces.


We hope these tips have helped you on the right path and for your landscape design, Village Gardens can help you.. just call we don’t bite.. well it depends if I have had my coffee…contact us for your indigenous, drought tolerant and edible landscapes.

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